Step Sister Knows What You Like

Your step-sister, Roxanne Rae, found out your dirty little secret. She knows you like to get fucked in the ass by girls…

She noticed that she had some missing dildos. Roxanne is wearing sexy pink lingerie and she has a pretty pink strap-on cock. You watch her put the cock on. It’s her favorite strap-on.

“If you go through my stuff again, this will be your cock I’m strapping on…”

“I’m gonna watch you stroke your cock while you watch me stroke mine…”

She makes fun of you for having a smaller cock than her. She calls you a little princess while she stands over you with her big pretty pink cock in your face.

“I’m still gonna tell Mom and Dad…”

Roxanne knows you’d love her to fuck you in the ass. She teases you about being an ass slave to your hot step-sister.